Mama Lion | Kylie

There are so many great things about being a mama. For example, motherhood is ridiculously fun. Hard? Definitely. Worrisome? Always. But also fun? YESSSSS! And that's what I love so much about this fun hot mama right here.


Kylie is an inspirational woman with an addictive energy. She is always honest, always generous, and would you just look at her?! Stunning.


She teaches her daughter, Charlie not to step on bugs, and she often laughs so hard that she cries — which may be my favorite thing about her. I'm happy to know her, and lucky to call her my friend. To top it all off, her  Charlie is one of my Mylo's best friends, and we love to get them together and let the cuteness slowly kill us. 


Kylie is wearing the Mama Lion tee - Size Small. Charlie, 2, and Mylo, 3, are both wearing the Lion Cub tees - Size 2t.