Mama Lion | Melissa

My sweet Melissa. Thats how I always refer to her, and for good reason! Melissa is one of those radiant people, who brings sunshine wherever she goes. A mother to 3 girls, and a Leo too, she is a true Mama Lion! 


She is a mama to precious twins: Lillie and Piper. Not pictured is her older daughter, Aurora, who is also such an inspirational and sweet girl who was playing with a friend this day.  


Intelligent and witty, generous and thoughtful, strong and observant β€” These traits are what I believe make her to be the loving Mama Lion that she is. And have you ever seen a woman hold a baby in one hand, and swiftly toss open a double-stroller with the other hand? !!! This woman has! Not only a mother, Melissa is also a wonderful friend, with passions for writing, storytelling, and music. She builds and maintains strong relationships with people, and has a knack for making each person feel special. For all these reasons and more, I love my sweet Mama Lion Melissa, and I know you do too if you know her :) 


Melissa is wearing the Mama Lion tee while the twins are rocking the Lion Cub tees (size 6 months). 

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